Krishna, Mahesh Babu’s father, has been hospitalized for regular check-ups. Spokesperson: ‘Don’t worry’

The news of the famous Mahesh Babu’s dad Krishna was taken in the Continental Hospital in Hyderabad on Sunday night, at around midnight, it has been discovered that he was taken there for an annual check-up. In the past, it was revealed that the actor’s father was suffering from a cardiac arrest and was then admitted at the hospital a state of unconscious condition.


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Sources have informed us sources have confirmed that Krishna is now in good health and has no reason to be concerned about. According to a report from India Today, the star was forced to a regular health check-up because of age-related issues. In addition, his PR Suresh Kondi, has confirmed via his social media accounts that he was only taken to a routine examination and that there was nothing to worry about.

It was earlier said that the hospital said that the legendary actor was revived by having performed CPR during 20 minutes. Krishna was reported to be in the Inpatient Care Unit of the hospital, and was to remain in the hospital for another 24 hours.


A number of social media platforms have shared a video where the doctor shares an update on the helath of Krishna. In the video it is evident that he was declaring the fact that Mahesh Babu’s dad was admitted to the hospital for cardiac arrest and was revived following twenty minutes of CPR. The doctor also said that the famous actor is being watched within the ICU. The doctor also said that he’ll be in a 24-hour observation before sharing any updates.

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